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  • Minor benefits exemption

    A minor benefit is a benefit that has a value of less than $300. It is exempt from FBT if it would be unreasonable to treat it as a fringe benefit, that is, if:

    • the benefit is provided infrequently and irregularly
    • the taxable value of the minor benefit and other similar or identical benefits (if they were treated as fringe benefits) is low
    • the likely total taxable value of the minor benefit and other associated benefits is low (associated benefits are those provided in conjunction with the minor benefit, for example, electricity and telephone benefits provided as part of an accommodation package)
    • it is difficult to calculate the taxable value of the benefit and any associated benefits
    • the benefit is provided as a result of a contingency (for example, unexpected overtime).

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      Last modified: 10 Feb 2021QC 16948