• 5.9 Correcting an amount on a payment summary already issued

    Where you have inadvertently understated an employee's reportable fringe benefits amount by $195 or less, you do not have to amend the employee's payment summary unless the Commissioner is of the view that you have deliberately understated the amount of fringe benefits provided to the employee.

    To correct a reportable fringe benefits amount on a payment summary already issued to an employee, you need to complete a new payment summary, marking the amending a payment summary box.

    When you complete amended payment summaries, you must:

    • complete all payee, payment and payer information on each amended payment summary
    • send it to us
    • give a copy to the payee.

    If the employee has already lodged their tax return, they should request an amendment to their reportable fringe benefits amount.

    If the change alters the amount of your FBT payable, you also need to request an amendment to your FBT return (refer to section 3.4 of How fringe benefits tax works).

      Last modified: 11 Aug 2016QC 17814