• 15.18 Is the benefit an expense payment, property or residual benefit?

    Where the benefit you provide is neither entertainment nor tax-exempt body entertainment, it may be an expense payment, property or residual fringe benefit.

    Expense payment fringe benefits

    You may provide expense payment fringe benefits if an employee incurs expenses and you either:

    • reimburse them for the expenses
    • pay a third party for the expenses.

    Property fringe benefits

    A property fringe benefit may arise when you provide an employee with property, either free or at a discount.

    Residual fringe benefits

    Any fringe benefit not subject to any of the other rules is a residual fringe benefit. These are the fringe benefits that are left over because they are not one of the more specific categories of fringe benefit.

    A residual fringe benefit could include the use of property.

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