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  • Communicating with us

    Given that the ATO administers the collection of FBT and may provide advice about the FBT treatment of certain items, communications with us needs to be effectively managed.

    Better practice entities will require that only persons in certain positions (such as the FBT Manager and CFO) communicate with us.

    We provide advice regarding FBT in various forms, including:

    • written binding advice about how the FBT legislation applies to the specific circumstances of the entity (for example, private rulings issued to the entity)
    • written general advice about the general operation of the legislation
    • public rulings
    • register of private binding rulings
    • taxation determinations
    • class rulings
    • ATO interpretative decisions
    • taxpayer alerts
    • law administration practice statements
    • various FBT publications.
    Further information

    For guidance in relation to seeking private rulings, and examples of the type of advice listed in public rulings, visit Public rulings & determinations.

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    Many FBT Managers also obtain ad hoc oral advice concerning FBT from the ATO help desk. When obtaining such advice, it is important that the entity makes a written record of any discussions with the ATO. Written records should also be maintained of any meetings held with the ATO, or any ATO audit activity.

    Such records are not binding on the ATO but are useful in explaining the basis for action taken by the entity. A private ruling should be obtained where binding advice is required about the application of the FBT legislation to a particular arrangement.


    FBT records should include:

    • all ATO correspondence
    • minutes to all meetings with the ATO
    • ATO private rulings
    • FBT registration and signing authority details
    • correspondence and notes of discussions relating to ATO audit activity.
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