• Pool cars

    If pool cars are home-garaged or otherwise used privately, it is important that a log book is maintained for a period that shows the car has been used by two or more employees for their private use at different times during the FBT year. This enables the entity to show that the requirements for the reporting exclusion for pooled or shared cars under section 3F of the Fringe Benefits Tax Regulations 1992 have been met. If the reporting exclusion has been met, the taxable value of the car fringe benefit may not need to be allocated between employees who use the car for private purposes.

    A log book can also be used to identify the driver of the car in the event of an accident or if a speeding fine or parking infringement notice is issued in respect of the car.

    Some Australian Government entities have chosen not to use pool cars and use hire cars or taxis for business purposes. As hire cars will generally not be home-garaged, there may be no need to maintain log books for these vehicles for FBT reporting purposes.


    If a car is hired for a period exceeding three months, it is treated as a car fringe benefit.

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