• 19.4 Relocation reductions

    Relocation – where transport by employee's car

    Legislative reference: section 61BExternal Link of the FBTAA.

    If you reimburse an employee on a cents per kilometre basis for using their own car as relocation transport, you may reduce the taxable value of the expense payment fringe benefit. However, the reduction is limited to the amount you would have reimbursed based on the applicable rate if income tax deductions were claimed on a cents per kilometre basis for that amount of travel.

    The reduction in taxable value is conditional on you obtaining a signed Relocation transport declaration in a form approved by the Commissioner (refer to Declarations).

    For this purpose, relocation transport is transport that enables an employee to relocate to a new residence in circumstances where they are required to live away from home in order to perform employment-related duties, or are similarly required to relocate their usual place of residence.

    The reduction also applies where the employee is returning to their usual place of residence after working at another location.

      Last modified: 25 Jan 2016QC 17819