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  • A potential path to simpler tax law

    In July 2015, the ATO commissioned work to consider how we, Treasury and other key tax system stakeholders might avoid creating over-engineered, complex policy and legislation in the future. This was shortly after submissions had closed on the Re:think tax discussion paper. At that time, it was considered that such work could assist the deliberations of the Tax White Paper Taskforce in shaping potential reforms relating to simplification of the tax system.

    ACIL Allen Consulting undertook this work, which primarily involved:

    • engaging with a range of stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of the drivers of tax policy and law complexity, and
    • making recommendations about how to improve the way tax policies and laws are designed.

    ACIL Allen’s report “Cutting the Gordian Knot” was finalised in May 2016, and was discussed at the ATO’s National Tax Liaison Group (NTLG) meeting in September 2016. The views expressed and recommendations made in the report are those of ACIL Allen and do not necessarily reflect the views of the ATO, the Treasury or the Government.

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    Cutting the Gordian Knot (PDF 2.73MB)

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