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  • Data elements

    We will negotiate with the selected data providers individually to obtain data held within their systems. The collected data may contain all or a selection of the fields listed for the 2014–15 to 2019–20 financial years:

    1. Digital currency owner details
    2. Name
    3. Address
    4. Australian Business Number
    5. Date of birth
    6. Contact numbers (fixed line, mobile)
    7. Email address
    8. Social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Whirlpool, etc.)

    Account and transaction details

    1. Status of account (open, closed, suspended, lost, etc.)
    2. Linked bank accounts
    3. Wallet address associated with the account
    4. Lost or stolen (crypto)currency amounts linked to accounts
    5. Unique identifier
    6. Transaction date
    7. Transaction time
    8. Type of (crypto)currency
    9. Amount (in fiat and cryptocurrency)
    10. Type of transfer
    11. Transfer description
    12. Total account balance

    Number of records

    The number of individuals affected by this data collection is expected to range between 500,000 and 1 million individuals each financial year.

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