Electronic forms (Form Client 5 forms)

Electronic forms are downloadable from the Tax Office web site via the internet. These forms which use the Form Client 5 software can be completed on-screen and can be transmitted electronically back to the Tax Office.

The Form Client 5 software comes with the electronic form during the download. It is needed to open the form and operate the 'intelligent validation' built into each form. Special programming capabilities incorporated into the software will validate details such as TFNs and can accurately calculate tax payable.

These forms are very flexible. You can partially complete the form in one session, save it onto the hard drive and/or print the (partially) completed form. You can recall the information in a later session and then submit to the Tax Office via the internet.

Benefits of using an electronic form include:

  • improved access to current forms
  • reduced storage and disposal costs
  • validation and error correction available online at the time of keying forms
  • on-screen completion assistance available as 'help files' or 'informative messages' for some forms
  • reduced postage, handling and delivery time for forms, and
  • online confirmation by way of a receipt number from the Tax Office.

Electronic forms currently available on the Tax Office web site are as follows:

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