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  • Relationship Authorisation Manager

    We're working on a new digital service, called Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). This service can be used by individuals and businesses to set up and manage relationships and authorisations across government online services. This means that RAM lets you manage who can act online for your business.

    If you're a business owner or a registered tax or BAS agent, soon you will be able to set up your myGovID on your phone by downloading an app.

    You can use RAM to:

    • link your business to a single digital identity (such as myGovID) and manage your authorisations in one place
    • give others authority to act on behalf of your business when interacting with government online services.

    Soon, you will be able to use myGovID and RAM instead of AUSkey to access government online services. Together, myGovID and RAM will replace AUSkey in March 2020. Until that time AUSkey will continue to be supported by us while you switch to myGovID and RAM. myGovID and RAM give you a new, simple and secure way to use government online services.

    We are working on connecting Access Manager and RAM. This means when you authorise a person to act for a business using RAM, you can set their permissions for ATO online services in Access Manager at the same time.

    For example, if an authorisation administrator gives you permission in RAM to act on behalf of a business, they will also be able to select ‘full’ or ‘custom’ access. For 'custom' access, users will be directed to Access Manager to allow them to set specific permissions, limiting what they are able to do when accessing ATO online services on behalf of your business.

    We're currently trialling myGovID and RAM with a limited number of users. These new digital services will continue to be improved and refined based on users' feedback before becoming available to all Australians.

    What you can do to prepare for the change

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