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  • Program objectives

    The objectives of the real property rental data matching program are to:

    • promote voluntary compliance and strengthen community confidence in the integrity of the taxation and superannuation systems and other programs administered by the ATO.
    • identify real property producing income and identify risks and trends of non-compliance across the broader compliance program.
    • identify a range of compliance activities appropriate to address risks with real property producing income.
    • work with real property intermediaries to obtain an understanding of risks and issues as well as trends of non-compliance.
    • support compliance strategies to minimise future risks to revenue.
    • Ensure compliance with registration, lodgment, correct reporting and payment responsibilities, superannuation and other obligations.

    How the data will be used

    The data collected under this program will be compared with information included in tax returns. The ATO will match this data against ATO records and other data we hold to identify taxpayers that may not be meeting their registration, reporting, lodgment and/or payment obligations. The program will support client engagement and voluntary compliance through education programs.

    Compliance action may be initiated based on the data acquired.Learn more about what we will do before amending a return.

    Previous/Pilot programs

    This is an ongoing data matching program that the ATO has conducted since 2005. During the 2014–15 financial year this program, in combination with other data matching and compliance strategies identified over 8,000 cases where real property dealings had not been treated correctly and raised an additional $161million in revenue. This demonstrates the effectiveness of these approaches in protecting public revenue.

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