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  • Data related matters

    Data matching and user agency

    We are the matching agency and the sole user of the data obtained in the course of this data matching program. The data matching program will be conducted on our secure systems in accordance with approved policies and procedures.

    In very limited and specific circumstances we may be permitted by law to disclose individual records to other government agencies.

    Learn more about our on-disclosure provisions.

    Data providers

    Data will be obtained from the following rental bond authorities

    • New South Wales Office of Fair Trading – Rental Bond Board
    • Residential Tenancies Bond Authority – Consumer Affairs Victoria
    • Tenancies SA - Consumer and Business Services
    • Bond Administrator – Department of Commerce WA
    • ACT Office of Rental Bonds – Access Canberra
    • Rental Deposit Authority - Consumer Building and Occupational Standards (Tasmania)
    • Residential Tenancies Authority, Queensland

    Data elements

    We will seek to obtain the following information from the data providers for the period 20 September 1985 to 30 June 2020:

    • Rental bond number of identifier for rental bond
    • Unique identifier for the landlord
    • Full name of the landlord
    • Full address of the landlord
    • Date of birth of the landlord
    • Contact telephone numbers for the landlord
    • Unique identifier of the managing agent
    • Full name of the managing agent
    • Full address of the managing agent
    • Unique identifier of the rental property
    • Full address of the rental property
    • Period of lease
    • Commencement and expiration of the lease
    • Amount of rental bond held
    • Number of weeks the rental bond is for
    • Amount of rent payable for each period
    • Period of rental payments (weekly, fortnightly, monthly)
    • Type of dwelling
    • Number of bedrooms

    Number of records

    It is estimated the total number of records that will be obtained is approximately 1 million records for each financial year.

    Based on other data acquisitions it is estimated that these records will identify 900,000 unique individuals for each financial year.

    Data quality

    We have worked extensively with the data providers since the inception of this data matching program and are confident the data will continue to be of high quality.

    State and Territory authorities administer State and Territory tenancy laws. They are responsible for the receipt and management of residential tenancy rental bonds so record keeping is of high quality.

    Data will be transformed into a standardised format and validated to ensure that it contains the required data elements prior to loading to our computer systems.

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