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  • Avoiding the pitfalls: retirement planning schemes

    We are here to help protect your retirement nest egg by encouraging you to be super scheme smart and also to give you guidance on what is and isn’t within the tax and super laws. Here are a few handy hints that we recommend you follow to ensure you are aware and can protect your nest egg.

    • Seek professional advice from a reputable source – retirement planning can be complex. When the time comes, we suggest you seek advice from a professional and trusted source such as a financial planner, adviser or accountant. We recommend you check they have a professional qualification or certification. If in doubt, seek an independent second opinion.
    • Get smart, get Super Scheme Smart – apart from this information pack, we have plenty of resources available online as part of our Super Scheme Smart campaign to educate you on retirement planning schemes.
    • Speak up – if you believe you’ve been unknowingly caught up in a retirement planning scheme or have been approached by a promoter, let us know. We do our best to shut down dodgy schemes, but we need your cooperation. Reporting promoters will help us stop them from risking your and other people's retirement savings.

    If in doubt, check it out

    You’ve worked hard for many years so you can enjoy a great retirement. We want to help you protect your retirement nest egg. If you believe you have been lured into a scheme or approached about one, let us know.

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