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  • How JobKeeper payments affect income support payments

    The JobKeeper payment is treated as income for the purposes of social security payments. Eligible businesses are required to register with us to receive JobKeeper payments as a reimbursement for wages paid to their eligible employees.

    Some people may be able to get both an:

    If you're receiving income support, you need to report the income you receive (including through the JobKeeper payment), to Services AustraliaExternal Link.

    Depending on your circumstances, income may reduce the amount of payment you are eligible for or make you ineligible for the JobSeeker payment or other income support payments. If you don't report your income, including any JobKeeper payment, you may get a debt you'll have to repay.

    Read more on Services Australia's guide to JobKeeper Payment and income support paymentsExternal Link about the effect of receiving income – including through the JobKeeper payment – on your income support payment.

    You may be eligible for a Centrelink payment if you, or your employer, are not eligible for JobKeeper and you still need financial help. Go to Services Australia's Get a Centrelink paymentExternal Link guide to check what help is available.

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