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  • Amount of JobKeeper payment

    As an employer, you'll receive $1,500 from us per employee per fortnight as long as you and your employees meet the eligibility criteria.

    We pay you for each eligible employee monthly in arrears (JobKeeper payments began in the first week of May 2020).

    An employer will usually get $3,000 a month per eligible employee for the two fortnightly periods in a month.

    Example of amounts paid to employers

    Payment date

    Amount per employee


    $3,000 (for fortnights starting 30 March and 13 April)


    $3,000 (for fortnights starting 27 April and 11 May)


    $3,000 (for fortnights starting 25 May and 8 June)


    $3,000 (for fortnights starting 22 June and 6 July)


    $4,500 (for fortnights starting 20 July, 3 and 17 August)


    $3,000 (for fortnights starting 31 August and 14 September)

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