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  • Creating your own employee nomination notice

    You may choose to create your own employee nomination notice instead of using the JobKeeper employee nomination notice if it is not practical to have each employee complete and return the ATO version to you.

    Some practical reasons to create your own employee nomination notice might include having a large number of employees or preferring to use your own portal or communication channel to obtain this information.

    If you are creating your own version of a JobKeeper employee nomination notice the following information must be included and captured:

    • your business details
      • business name
      • Australian business number of the entity
    • the employee’s details
      • full name
      • date of birth
      • street address
      • contact phone number and/or email address.

    In making the nomination, the employee must confirm they:

    • agree to be nominated as an eligible employee of the employer listed for the purposes of the JobKeeper Payment scheme
    • meet the eligibility requirements
    • have not agreed to be nominated by any other employer/entity and have not given another entity a nomination form for the purpose of the JobKeeper Payment scheme.

    Your employees' signature is not required by the ATO, but can be requested by you. Employees submitting their nomination notice to their employer through their internal business process (for example, a business HR portal), or their own form of communication channel, (for example, email) is acceptable.

      Last modified: 17 Apr 2020QC 62131