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  • Monthly business declarations for JobKeeper Fortnights in March need to be completed by 14 April 2021 to receive final JobKeeper payments. The JobKeeper Payment scheme finished on 28 March 2021.

    JobKeeper validation service

    If you are an Australian Government Agency or a Local Governing Body, you may be eligible to access the JobKeeper information validation service.

    This service helps you administer assistance for entities impacted by COVID-19 when participation in the JobKeeper scheme is required.

    The validation service checks the Australian Business Number (ABN) and JobKeeper receipt identification number provided by the applicant seeking assistance. This is not a real-time look-up service.

    To request access to the validation service, contact us via

    Do not provide ABNs or receipt numbers to this email address for validation. You will need to agree with governance, data security and validation processes first.

    Once approved, the JobKeeper validation service is accessed via an ATO-managed secure digital inbox.

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