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  • You can no longer register employees in this scheme.


    The final JobMaker period ended on 6 October 2022. Claims for eligible employees employed during this period need to be made before 31 January 2023 with STP reporting for the period due on 28 January 2023.

    JobMaker employee notice

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    If you have registered for JobMaker Hiring Credit scheme and want to make a claim, your eligible employees must first complete a JobMaker employee notice.

    You can either:

    The notice must:

    • be completed before you make a claim for JobMaker Hiring Credit payments
    • be received for each eligible employee you intend to make a claim for.

    An employee notice can be submitted to you through:

    • your internal business process – for example, a business HR portal
    • the employee's own form of communication channel – for example, email.

    We don't need your employee's signature however you may choose to request it.

    If you have requested your employee’s signature, but it is not practical for them to provide it in the notice, it would be reasonable to accept the action of the employee sending you an email as a form of signature.

    You should ensure employees are aware there are penalties for making a false and misleading statement in a declaration.

    Next step:

    ATO provided employee notice

    If you want to use the standard JobMaker employee notice provided by us, you can download it:

    Both you and the employee have to provide information in the notice.

    The notice does not need to be sent to us. However, you should keep a copy for your records. The notice verifies your employee declared they met the requirements for you to receive the JobMaker Hiring Credit payment.

    Create your own employee notice

    You may choose to create your own employee notice, instead of using our JobMaker employee notice, if you:

    • have many eligible employees and it is not practical to have each employee complete and return our version to you
    • prefer to use your own portal, software or communication channel to get and format this information.


    The following information must be included in your version of a JobMaker employee notice:

    • your business details, including  
      • business name
      • Australian business number (ABN) of the entity
    • employee start date
    • employee details, including  
      • full name
      • date of birth
      • address
      • contact phone number and/or email address.


    To complete the notice, employees must confirm they:

    • were aged between 16–29 or 30–35 years old at the time they started employment
    • had been receiving any of these income support payments for at least 28 consecutive days within the 84 days before starting employment:  
      • JobSeeker Payment
      • Youth Allowance (except where the person was undertaking full-time study or was a new apprentice)
      • Parenting Payment
    • have either  
      • not provided any other employer a notice for the purpose of the JobMaker Hiring Credit scheme
      • stopped employment with the employer with which they had previously agreed to be nominated.
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