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  • You can no longer register employees in this scheme.


    The final JobMaker period ended on 6 October 2022. Claims for eligible employees employed during this period need to be made before 31 January 2023 with STP reporting for the period due on 28 January 2023.


    You only need to register once. Register by logging into either:

    Your registered tax or BAS agent can also register for you.

    Once you have logged into ATO online services or Online services for business you can:

    • Select Employees
    • Select JobKeeper or JobMaker Hiring Credit
    • Select Register.

    You can amend your registration details until you submit your first JobMaker Hiring Credit claim.

    Required information

    Baseline values

    You will need to provide baseline values for your headcount and payroll.

    These will be used to assess:

    • your eligibility to claim a JobMaker Hiring Credit payment each JobMaker period
    • the amount you can claim in each JobMaker period.

    Your baseline headcount is the total number of employees you had at 30 September 2020. Each employee, whether full-time, part-time or casual, counts as one. Your baseline headcount can't be changed after you register and submit your first claim.

    Your baseline payroll is your total payroll paid from 7 July 2020 to 6 October 2020 inclusive (92-day period). Report whole dollars only, do not include cents.

    Screenshot of registration details baseline headcount and baseline payroll with no values entered.

    If you are a new business or had no employees at 30 September 2020, your baseline values will be zero.

    In the second year of the program, your baseline headcount will increase in line with your access to the JobMaker Hiring Credit in the first year of the program. This ensures the JobMaker Hiring Credit is only available for up to 12 months from the date a new job was created.

    Contact details

    You must provide contact details when registering. This can be for yourself or a third party such as your tax or BAS agent.

    You will need to complete these fields:

    • Relationship with employer
    • First name
    • Surname
    • Phone / mobile number
    • Email.

    Screenshot of contact details required (as above)

    Once you have successfully lodged your registration, you will receive an ATO receipt number. However, successful registration is not a confirmation of eligibility.

    Use the print-friendly function to capture your completed JobMaker Hiring Credit registration details in PDF format. We recommend you save this information, including your receipt number, for your records.

    You will be able to view or amend your registration details after we've processed your registration up until you submit your first JobMaker Hiring Credit claim.

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