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    ABN lookup

    The ABN lookup tool allows you to search for a business’s ABN and view other public information about the business. You can check if a business:

    • has an active ABN
    • is registered for GST
    • has any alternative business or trading names
    • is eligible to receive tax deductible gifts.

    You can also save a copy of your results and share it via email or PDF.

    This tool is especially helpful for small business owners in running their business. For example, you can check that the business you're purchasing goods from is registered for GST so you can claim GST credits.

    Business performance check

    The business performance check tool allows small businesses to compare their performance to other small businesses in the same industry. The tool:

    • uses annual small business benchmark data from over 100 different business types
    • can estimate annual performance based on as little as one month’s data (the more data, the better accuracy)
    • allows you to compare the cost of goods sold and expenses with similar businesses
    • provides financial performance ratios including ability to manage debt commitments and working capital
    • allows you to save your results and share them via email or PDF
    • compares subsequent reports in the tool with previous financial results to monitor any variations in performance.

    Fuel tax credit calculator

    The fuel tax credit calculator will determine the credit you can claim based on the quantity of fuel you acquired and its eligible use. The tool:

    • considers the rates during the period you are claiming
    • calculates your credit based on the fuel type and what is was used for
    • provides you with the total claim, amount and label to complete on your BAS.

    Key dates

    The key dates tool allows you to keep track of important dates for your tax and super obligations. The tool:

    • lists important dates based on your circumstances and obligations
    • considers
      • concessional due dates for electronic lodgments or where services of a registered tax agent are used
      • PAYG withholding, PAYG instalments, GST and income tax obligations
    • allows you to set reminders for the dates in your smart device’s calendar app.

    Payment plan estimator

    The payment plan estimator helps you to work out an affordable payment plan for your circumstances, so you can prevent your debt from escalating. The estimate is calculated based on the number and frequency of payments.

    Once you’ve estimated your payment plan, you can create your payment plan in our online services, accessible via the app.

    Super guarantee contributions

    The super guarantee contributions tool calculates compulsory super contributions using the current superannuation guarantee rate.

    It also provides the due dates that these contribution amounts need to be paid by, which you can share via email or PDF.

    Super guarantee eligibility

    The super guarantee eligibility tool allows an employer to check if an employee is eligible to receive compulsory superannuation contributions by considering:

    • the amount the employee is paid
    • if the employee is over or under 18 years of age
    • the number of hours the employee works per week
    • other payments, including Community Development Employment Program payments, Non-resident for work done outside Australia, payments as part of the Joint Petroleum Development Area or as a foreign executive holding certain visas.

    Tax withheld calculator

    The tax withheld calculator allows employers and employees to easily check how much tax is required to be withheld from a salary or wage payment. The tool considers if the employee:

    • has provided a tax file number or is claiming an exemption from providing one
    • is claiming the tax-free threshold
    • has a higher education loan program, trade support loan or student start up loan
    • is paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.

    Voice authentication

    If you're an individual or sole trader, voice authentication is a fast and easy way to confirm your identity when you call or use our app. You will need to have the ATO linked to your myGov account before enrolling your voiceprint using the ATO app. To enrol your voiceprint:

    1. open the Individuals’ section of the app
    2. select online services
    3. log into your myGov account
    4. when prompted, repeat the passphrase 'In Australia, my voice identifies me' to create your voiceprint
    5. save your device details.

    If you've already enrolled your voiceprint over the phone, there's no need to re-enrol. Instead you'll be asked if you want to save your details on the device, if you say yes when you next log in via the app you'll just need to speak the passphrase.

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