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  • Communication preferences

    We are committed to improving services for you and your registered tax or BAS agent through tailored and contemporary online services.

    If you use a tax professional, our Communication preferences feature can let you and your agent choose where we send your digital communications.

    You can choose to have:

    • all communications sent to you
    • all communications sent to your registered agent
    • some communications sent to you and other communications sent to your registered agent.

    On this page:

    Communication that can be sent electronically

    We send many different types of communications about your tax and superannuation obligations.

    We can send communications electronically to you or your registered agent in the following six categories:

    • income tax
    • activity statement related
    • study and training support loans
    • superannuation
    • debt
    • employer and business obligations.

    If we can't send a communication electronically, we'll send it to your postal address on record.

    For a list of communications that can be sent electronically to your registered agent's secure digital inbox, see Communication types.

    We will continue to expand the communications we can send electronically.

    Setting your communication preferences

    To set your communication preferences:

    • Your registered agent will ask if you would like to change how you currently receive your communications from us. You can choose whether   
      • your registered agent receives some or all categories of communications we send you
      • you receive some or all categories of communications we send you, either
        • directly to your myGov Inbox
        • to your nominated postal address if you don't have a myGov account.  
    • You will need to give your registered agent permission to set or change your preferences by providing written authorisation.

    Your registered agent will let us know your preferences.

    Note: If you have more than one tax or BAS agent and you want some of your communications to go to each, you need to complete an authorisation for each registered agent. For example, you can authorise your:

    • BAS agent – to receive activity statement related communications
    • tax agent – to receive income tax communications.

    If you want your communications from us sent to your registered agent, we will send them electronically to their secure digital inbox.

    Written authorisation

    Your registered agent needs your written authorisation to set or change your preferences. They will tell you how they want your authorisation. For example, through email, fax or paper.

    You need to keep a copy of your authorisation for up to five years, depending on your circumstances. We recommend your registered agent keep a copy for their records.

    A BAS agent can only be given authorisation for activity statement related and debt communications.

    How to check your communication preferences

    You can view your communication preferences if you have a myGov account linked to the ATO:

    • log in to myGov and select ATO
    • select My profile on your ATO online services homepage
    • select Communication
    • select Preferences.

    Setting your own communication preferences

    Currently, you are only able to view your communication preferences.

    If you want to change them, contact your registered agent. If you can’t contact them, you can contact us.

    Communication history

    Communication history allows you to view most of your communications from us online at any time. This includes communications sent to your agent on your behalf.

    To view your communication history:

    • log in to myGov and select ATO
    • select My profile on your ATO online services homepage
    • select Communication
    • select History.

    You can view communications as far back as 1 July 2008. You can search for communications in periods of up to five years.

    Not all communications we send to you and your agent are available in your communication history. Any direct communication you've had with ATO officers won't be displayed. For example, letters sent during the course of a review or audit.

    We will continue to make more communications available in the future.

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