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    Online security credential

    To use file transfer you'll need an online security credential – either AUSkey or Manage ABN Connections (set up in myGov) – so you can log in to one of our portals or Online services for agents.

    Each person in your business will need their own security credential to log in and use our online services.

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    Administrators (AUSkey holders or connected myGov users with administrator access) will be able to:

    • access all file transfer functions by default
    • manage access and permissions for the online (portals and Online services for agents) functions for your staff. Staff will need to be registered as a standard user (AUSkey holder or connected myGov user with standard access).

    Standard users

    If you're a standard user (AUSkey holder or connected myGov user with standard access), you'll have access to the following functions by default:

    • test and lodge Payment summary annual report (PSAR)
    • test and lodge Taxable payments annual report (TPAR)
    • test and lodge TFN declarations (TFN Dec).

    If you need additional permissions your administrator will need to grant them.

    If you're unsure of your permissions, ask your system administrator. You can also check which reports you can lodge:

    • in portals, select File transfer > Lodge file in the left menu
    • in Online services for agents, select Reports and forms then select File transfer
    • click the link, What reports can I lodge here?
    The administrator sets permissions using the standalone tool Access Manager

    Access Manager permissions

    File transfer function


    Able to download files that we send


    Able to test a file and download the validation report


    Able to lodge a file containing original or amended data and download the validation report


    Able to download response files for the files lodged (eg Corrected TFN/ABN return file)



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    Submitting files on behalf of others

    You can submit files on behalf of others, including lodging pay as you go (PAYG) payment summary annual reports.

    Payroll service providers such as payroll bureaus, registered tax agents and third parties can perform certain payroll functions on behalf of one or more employers.

    When lodging PAYG withholding annual reports electronically, a payroll service provider is the supplier who lodges the annual report on behalf of employers. They use their own online security credential when lodging.

    You need to log in to Access Manager to manage your access and permissions in the portals and Online services for agents.

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