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  • Testing and lodging files

    To test and lodge files, select File transfer > Lodge file in the portal left menu. This will display the Lodge screen, which gives you the option to test or lodge your file:

    • Test: the file is sent to us, validated and checked for errors, but not lodged.
    • Lodge: the file is sent to us, validated and lodged if no errors are detected.

    We recommend you test your files before lodging to identify any errors and reduce the need for amendments. You can then upload your file again to lodge it.

    After you submit the file, the File status – in progress screen displays while the file is being validated. It will not be lodged if errors are detected.

    When validation is complete we'll notify you by email (if you've chosen this option).

    You can select File transfer > File status in the portal left menu to view the validation report. If there are errors, you'll need to deal with them before re-submitting the file.

    The File status screen also shows the status of files you’ve previously tested or lodged.

    When submitting a file you don't need to include any other documents with it.

    You can test or lodge files at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (unless our systems are unavailable because of maintenance or system issues).

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