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  • Validation report

    When validation is complete you can download the validation report.

    To access the report:

    • in portals, select File transfer File status in the left menu
    • in Online services for agents, select Reports and forms then File transfer. Select the dropdown arrow on the File transfer screen beside the file submitted.

    Information on the screen can be filtered by:

    • date range
    • file type (select option)
    • file name
    • supplier ABN
    • status (select option)
    • ATO reference.

    The validation report is only accessible to the entity that submitted the file online.

    There are four types of reports:

    • successful report – your file has been successfully tested or lodged.
    • successful with warnings report – your file has been successfully submitted (either lodge or test) but it contained some fields that may not be correct. If the file has been lodged, we recommend you review the warnings and, if necessary, amend any records that need to be updated and re-lodge only the amended records in a new file
    • failed file format report – your file has been rejected because it has errors with the file format
    • failed file content report – your file has been rejected because it has errors in the file content.

    If there are warnings or errors, you'll need to deal with them and re-submit the file.

    The validation report contains both a summary and the details of any errors or warnings. It has further information to help you identify, review and correct the record, including the record number, the fields containing errors or warnings, and what is currently recorded in those fields.

    Time required to validate files

    Most files will be validated in a matter of minutes.

    The length of time depends on the number of records, the number of errors and the overall complexity of the specification and validation rules for the lodged file.

    You don't need to stay connected to our online services during validation – you can log in again later and select File transfer File status when using the portals, or Reports and forms then File transfer when using Online services for agents to either:

    • check if validation is still in progress
    • download the completed report.

    You can also choose to be notified by email when the validation report is available.

    A number of factors influence validation performance on the day. The table below shows indicative timings for validation of large files (that is, from when the upload is complete until the validation report and file status are available).

    Note: Compressing your files reduces upload times but does not affect validation times because validation occurs on the uncompressed file.

    Indicative timings for validation of large files

    Uncompressed file size

    Estimated validation time


    45 minutes to 1 hour


    1.5 hours to 2 hours


    2.5 hours to 3 hours


    3.5 hours to 4 hours


    5.5 hours to 7 hours

    Meaning of ‘Supplier ABN’

    The ‘Supplier ABN’ on the validation report and displayed against the file status is the Australian business number (ABN) of the data supplier. For most lodgments this is the same as the entity that submitted the file for testing or lodgment. For suppliers that don't have an ABN, a WPN (Withholder Payer Number) will display.

    In some situations, intermediaries (for example, BAS agents or payroll providers) may lodge files where the Supplier ABN is that of their client rather than the intermediary.

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