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  • Protecting your personal information

    To better protect your personal information, we’re increasing the level of security on our website. We will soon incorporate Secure Socket Layer encryption in parts of the site. This encryption will strengthen the security of personal information as we expand our online services.

    How will this affect you?

    The encryption will be largely invisible to you and will not affect the look of the site or how you navigate it. You may notice a change from http to https at the beginning of web addresses (or URLs) appearing in the address bar of your browser. However, this will not affect site navigation and bookmarks you made before the security upgrade will continue to work.

    Depending on your browser type and settings, you may see a warning that you are moving to a less secure area.

     Security Alert warning users they're being redirected to a connection that is not secure

    This warning means you are moving to a general information area of our website, away from an area requiring heightened security, or moving to another website, external to

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