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  • April 2019 ATO impersonation scam report

    In the April 2019 ATO impersonation scam report:

    • 8,342 phone scam reports were officially recorded, an increase of 696 from March
    • 471 phishing scam emails were reported to
    • $149,089 was reported as being paid to scammers
      • bitcoin accounted for 44% of all payments, with the highest average per payment at $13,120
      • gift cards including Google Play and iTunes accounted for 37% of payments
    • clients who provided scammers with their personal identifying information (PII) totalled 60%.

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    Monthly comparison

     The number of phone calls reported: February 1,718; March 2,101; April 1,809; May 1,132; June 2,303, July 2,900, August 3,680, September 6,905; October 9,637; November 37,749; December 25,473; January 2019 - 23,237; February 9,342; March  7,646; April 8,342.


    Delivery methods

    Chart 2 shows a comparison between the most popular channels scammers used to contact people in April 2019. Of those, reported phone calls or voice messages accounted for 91%, email accounted for 8%, and SMS accounted for 1%.


    Payment methods

    Chart 3 shows the total amount paid, method of payment and number of people who paid scammers in April 2019. 5 paid $21,700 into bank accounts, 2 paid $969 via Credit Card, 5 paid $65,600 via Bitcoin, 2 paid $5,500 via iTunes, 21 paid $38,550 via Google Play, 7 paid $10,720 via a gift card, 2 paid $6,050 via a different method.


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    What we're doing

    In early April we started receiving large volumes of phone calls from the community, on legitimate ATO phone lines, responding to pre-recorded phone calls (robocalls) from scammers. In response, we issued a media release and scam alert warning the community of these robocalls, and the manipulation of caller identification to display a legitimate ATO phone number.

    This is a timely reminder to everyone to remain alert to scams. Remember, calls originating from the ATO do not project a caller ID and if you are ever unsure of the legitimacy of any ATO communication, phone us to verify on 1800 008 540.

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