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  • July 2018 ATO Impersonation scam report

    In the July 2018 ATO Impersonation scam report:

    • 4,035 scam reports were officially recorded this month, with 1,135 scam emails reported to
    • 2,900 scam reports were received, an increase of almost 26% from June
    • $107,956 was reported as paid to scammers with bank transfers being the most common payment method
    • Clients who provided scammers with their personal identifying information (PII) totalled 41 percent.

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    Chart 1: Monthly comparison of reported ATO Impersonation scams

     Chart 1 shows a comparison between email and phone reports received each month to date in 2018. The number of emails reported: January 1461; February 1362; March 3850; April 1568; May1349; June 1,268, July 1,135. The number of phone calls reported: January 1358; February 1718; March 2101; April 1809; May 1132; June 2,303, July 2,900

    Chart 2: Reported ATO impersonation scammer delivery methods

     Chart 2 shows a comparison between the most popular channels scammers used to contact people in June 2018. Of those reported phone calls or voice messages accounted for 70%; email accounted for 24%; and text message 6%.

    Chart 3: ATO Impersonation scammer payment methods

     Chart 3 shows the total amount paid, method of payment and number of people who paid scammers in July 2018. 19 paid $44958 into bank accounts 2 paid $797 via credit card 4 paid $34040 via bitcoin 12 paid $27450 via iTunes 1 paid $200 via a gift card 2 paid $511 via a different method.

    What we're doing

    The ATO has been proactive in raising community awareness on ATO impersonation scams and safe cyber security practices this tax time.

    We issued the Watch Out, Scams about! media release providing information on current scams, how to spot an ATO impersonation scam and key tips for staying safe this tax time. This release initiated 92 separate news items across various media channels and reached an estimated combined audience of more than 7.6 million, evidence that our messaging is becoming more widespread.

    We teamed up with Stay Smart OnlineExternal Link to develop the Cyber Safety at Tax TimeExternal Link campaign which also provided tips and resources for businesses and the wider community to help them stay safe from scams and other online threats.

    We also launched the Scams Alert Quiz to help you identify how Scam Savvy you are!

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