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  • Using Access Manager

    With Access Manager, you can control and manage the relationships between businesses, agents and providers, and the permissions of staff using ATO online services.

    Functions include:

    • Access and permissions (for businesses) – manage your employees' access to your business tax records.
    • Access and permissions for Tax agents and BAS agents – manage your employees' access to your clients' tax records.
    • Business appointments – appoint another business to act on behalf of your business. The appointed business is able to manage their staff's access to businesses they are acting on behalf of.
    • Restricted clients – tax agents and BAS agents can use this function to restrict their employees' access to particular clients.
    • Notify us of a hosted SBR software service – (previously Nominate online software service provider) enables businesses and registered agents to notify us of their hosted SBR software service providers, they use for transactions to and from the ATO, using their hosted software (cloud) environments.

    Next steps:

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