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  • Add your expenses

    What expenses you record and how depend on whether you chose to use the myDeductions tool for your records as:

    • an employee (or for your general records)
    • a sole trader
    • both an employee (or for your general records) and as a sole trader.

    On this page:

    Employee and general records

    Use myDeductions to record the following expenses:

    • car expenses (work or self-education)
    • work-related travel
    • work-related uniform
    • work-related self-education
    • other work-related expenses
    • gifts or donations
    • cost of managing tax affairs
    • interest deductions
    • dividend deductions
    • other deductions.

    If you aren't sure, you can also select the option Decide later.

    If you are claiming deduction types not listed here, you will need to enter them directly into your tax return.

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    Business records

    If you are a sole trader, you can record the following deduction types:

    • repairs and maintenance
    • motor vehicle expenses
    • all other expenses.

    You should only record income in myDeductions if you’re a sole trader with simple tax affairs – that is, you do not have primary production business or personal services income. Only your business income should be recorded.

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    Common issues with adding expenses

    Common issues with adding expenses are:

    100% claimable expenses

    If your expense was for both work and private purposes, you can only claim a deduction for the work-related portion. At question 'Is this 100% claimable?' select No. Then enter either a dollar value or percentage share for the amount of the expense that you are entitled to claim.


    Media: How to claim the work-related part of your expenses using myDeductions Link (Duration: 00:51)

    You can watch How to claim the work-related part of your expenses using myDeductionsExternal Link in full screen on atoTV.

    Cost of managing tax affairs

    In myDeductions, you can record the cost of managing tax affairs (COMTA) expenses as:

    • Litigation costs
    • Other expenses incurred in managing your tax affairs
    • Decide later.

    Before 1 July 2018, all COMTA expenses incurred were recorded as one expense type. The update to myDeductions on 1 July 2018 allowed COMTA expenses to be recorded as either:

    • litigation costs
    • other expenses incurred in managing your tax affairs.

    There is another field in your tax return – ATO interest. However, this is not included in myDeductions as we pre-fill this information into your tax return directly from our systems.

    If you make a mistake

    If you make a mistake, you can delete any recorded expense, as long as you haven't already uploaded it. Delete your expense by opening the record and selecting the Delete button.

    If you have already uploaded the data when you realise there is a mistake, you can't amend that year's information within myDeductions. Instead, amend the data in your myTax return before submitting it.

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