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  • Upload to tax return

    When you have created all your records and you are ready to do your tax return, you can use myDeductions to either:

    On this page:

    Before you upload

    You can only upload your records once for each financial year's return. Once uploaded you'll no longer be able to amend that year's information in myDeductions. Before you upload your data to us, make sure your records are complete and accurate.

    If you find a record that is wrong, you can delete it as long as you haven't already uploaded it. Delete it by opening the record and selecting the Delete button. If you have already uploaded the data, amend the data in your myTax return before submitting it.

    Steps to upload your data to lodge your tax return

    1. Complete your records in myDeductions.
    2. You can only upload from 1 July each year.
    3. You must have a myGov account that's linked to us and be using the latest version of the ATO app in order to upload.
    4. From the myDeductions home screen, select
      • Settings
      • Upload to tax return, then follow the prompts that will finish with logging into your myGov account.
    5. Log out after uploading. If you
      • select Go to myTax, you will be taken directly to the myTax form and you will be logged out of the ATO app
      • don't select Go to my tax, you can select Done and you will be logged out or your authenticated session will time out if there is no activity for 20 minutes.
    6. We will pre-fill your tax return for you with the data provided. You or your tax agent can use this information to lodge your tax return.

    This video will show you how to create a myGov account and link to the ATO

    Media: How to create a myGov account and link to the ATO Link (Duration: 03:56)

    You can watch How to create a myGov account and link to the ATOExternal Link in full screen on atoTV.

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    Common issues with uploading to your tax return

    Common issues with uploading to your tax return are:

    Upload errors

    If you are having trouble uploading your data, see Troubleshooting for individuals: Using the ATO app.

    Checking your data after upload

    If you, or your tax agent, would like to check that your data has uploaded correctly, you can access the upload report from the app.

    The upload report shows which records were pre-filled into each of the income and deduction labels in myTax. The report also shows the amounts uploaded. Note that some values may be rounded in myTax.

    To access the report, go to Saved results, which can be found by scrolling through the icons on the Home screen of the app. By selecting the report, you have the option to:

    • View result – show the report on the device screen
    • Share via PDF – convert the report into PDF to view, print or share (for example, by email, dropbox, Google drive or iCloud)
    • Share via email – send an HTML version of the report by email
    • Delete result – permanently delete the upload report.

    You can print or share the Saved results report to a computer or another device.

    What your tax agent can see

    If you have uploaded your data, your tax agent will receive the same information that is available to you in myTax.

    Some of your income and expenses may have been grouped in order to be pre-filled. If your agent would like a copy of your individual income or expense records you can send them a spreadsheet, see Share data via email.

    Remove records you've uploaded from your device

    You can delete most of your records within the myDeductions tool. However, once a trip or expense has been recorded against a vehicle, that vehicle will always be shown in myDeductions. To be able to delete any vehicle, all trips or expenses associated with that must be individually deleted first (including those from another year).

    Before deleting your records, make sure you have a copy of your photos and data in case you later need to substantiate your claims. Businesses must keep their records for at least five years (some records need to be kept longer).

    To delete your uploaded records from your device:

    1. select Settings.
    2. select Delete records
    3. select the financial year that you would like to remove and select Delete.

    How we access and use your myDeductions data

    We will only access or use your data when:

    • you upload completed records from 1 July
    • we need to verify information in your tax return
    • we need it for analytical purposes.

    Your record-keeping obligations do not change – you will still need to keep a copy of your data and any associated evidence, such as photos, to substantiate your claims.

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