• myDeductions

    Are you always on the go? Save time and keep your tax organised with the ATO app's myDeductions tool.

    myDeductions makes it easier and more convenient for you to keep your individual income tax-related deductions all in one place.

    Watch myDeductions in action

    You can use the myDeductions tool to:

    myDeductions is for individuals claiming work-related expenses as an employee. It is not for small business owners, including sole traders.

    You have a choice of three tracking methods to record your car trips:

    • GPS
    • Point to Point
    • Odometer.

    Whether you lodge your own return or use a tax agent, you can use the myDeductions tool to keep your deduction records. This year at tax time, you can upload the completed deductions to the ATO and we will pre-fill your individual income tax return. You can also share your deductions data via email. Make sure you stay up to date with the latest version of the app.

    Never miss out on a deduction claim because of a lost or faded receipt again.

    Enter a few details, snap a photo and you are good to go. Download the ATO app now to start using the myDeductions tool.

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