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  • Using myGovID and RAM for tax professionals factsheet

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    From late March 2020, you will not be able to use AUSkey.

    On this page:

    What will I use instead?

    myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) will together replace AUSkey in your practice.

    myGovID – is your new key for accessing Online services for agents and other government online services. It’s a digital identity credential that is unique to an individual. myGovID is an easy and secure way to prove who you are. You will access your myGovID via your smart device when logging in to online services.

    Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) – allows you to manage who can access government online services on behalf of your practice.

    Who needs to use myGovID & RAM?

    You’ll need to use myGovID and RAM if:

    • you use Online services for agents or Access Manager
    • you access AUSkey to use government online services or the Australian Business Register (ABR)
    • your employees or others access government online services on behalf of your practice.

    If you aren’t the principal authority for your practice (the eligible associate in the ABR), you will need the principal authority to start the process and authorise you before you use myGovID.

    What do I need to do if I’m the principal authority?

    You will need to set up your myGovID and use RAM to link your practice ABN to your own myGovID. Then you can set up the authorisations for your employees.

    What do I need to do if I’m an employee of a practice?

    You will need to set up your own myGovID and use RAM to accept the authorisation request from your principal authority.

    Will I still be able to use AUSkey with other online services?

    No. AUSkey does not meet the multifactor authentication standard required to ensure government information remains secure.

    MyGovID and RAM will replace AUSkey at the end of March 2020 and you will no longer be able to use AUSkey to access any government online services.

    How myGovID is different to myGov

    Your myGovID is the new way to prove who you are when logging in to government online services including Online services for agents, and in the future your myGov account.

    myGov is a platform that enables individuals to link to government online services. In order to log in to online services, you need to prove who you are.

    Get started

    Setting up your practice in six steps

    Step 1: Clean up your AUSkey and ABR data

    The transition will be much easier if your ABR and AUSkey data is up to date. You can check and update your data by logging in to AUSkey Manager and the ABR at Link

    Step 2: Set up myGovID

    Download the myGovID app through the Apple store or Google Play.

    myGov IDExternal Link  Available on the App StoreExternal Link  Available on Google PlayExternal Link

    Set up your myGovID – enter your full name, date of birth and email address (the email address must belong to you it can’t be a shared email address).

    Add two Australian identity documents – for example, passport or driver’s licence and Medicare card.

    Step 3: Link your practice in RAM

    You must be the principal authority (business owner or listed associate on the ABR) to link your business ABN.

    To link your practice:

    • Log in to RAMExternal Link using your myGovID at
    • Select Link my business to find your business or businesses and add the required information.

    Note: You don’t add your clients’ ABN details through myGovID or RAM. Your clients also don’t need to provide you with their myGovID or RAM details. You will add clients as you usually do through Online services for agents.

    Step 4: Authorise others to act on your behalf

    You can authorise others to act on your behalf – this is optional. To do this:

    • Make sure all employees set up their own myGovID.
    • Use RAM to authorise others to act on behalf of your practice – for example, if you have employees who access client details. You need to enter their legal name so it matches the name used in their myGovID and an email address only they can access.
    • If you have multiple employees with AUSkeys, you can use the Import AUSkey users function to streamline the authorisation process.
    • Use custom settings if you want to ensure that only certain people in your practice can view restricted clients.
    • Establishing full access authority for myGovID in RAM provides access to all restricted clients and access to all RANs associated with the ABN.

    When you authorise someone, they receive an authorisation request via email. They have seven days to accept it using their myGovID before it expires.

    Tip: If you need to customise someone’s access and permissions, you will be directed to use RAM, which is connected to Access Manager.

    Step 5: If you use software to report to us (optional)

    If you use desktop or locally hosted software (not cloud- based) you may need to undertake additional steps. Your software provider will guide you through this process.

    If you use cloud-based SBR-enabled software, you don’t need to undertake additional steps – your software provider will do this for you.

    Step 6: Using myGovID and RAM from now on (you’ve finished setting up)

    Use your myGovID to access our online services. For example, when logging in to Online services for agents enter your myGovID email address and use the myGovID app to verify that it’s you.

    Use RAM and Access Manager to add or manage your authorisations – for example, to authorise a new employee to access Online services for agents, or to remove access if someone leaves.

    Tip: You can help your clients prepare for this change – have a look at Your new key to the Business Portal.

    Where to find more information

    For more on myGovID and RAM for tax professionals visit:

    For more on accessing our online services visit:

    For more on setting up your myGovID and RAM visit:

    For more on using RAM visit:

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