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  • About myGovID and RAM

    myGovID and RAM are your new key for accessing Online services for agents and other government online services.

    myGovID is the new, easy and secure way to prove who you are online – a digital identity credential unique to an individual. You access myGovID via your smart device when logging into government online services. myGovID is like the 100 point ID check – but on your smart device.

    RAM allows you to manage who can access government online services on behalf of your practice.

    Establishing your identity in myGovID takes just a few minutes for most people. To achieve a Standard myGovID (the minimum required to access our services) you can use any two of these identity documents – driver's licence, passport, birth certificate or Medicare card.

    Your myGovID belongs to you and you shouldn’t share it with others. Anyone acting on behalf of your practice needs their own myGovID, and you'll need to authorise them using RAM.

    Once you've authorised someone in RAM, they can use their myGovID to log in to RAM and accept the authorisation to act on behalf of your practice online.

    Anyone that does not have the required identity documents may be able to use myGovID with a Basic identity strength to receive limited access to Online services for agents.

    If you aren’t the principal authority (eligible associate listed in the ABR) for your practice, you'll need the principal authority to start the process and authorise you to use myGovID for our online services.

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