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  • Authorised Administrator – Create new authorisations

    If you are an Authorised Administrator and you need to authorise other users, this step explains how to create new authorisations after you have completed your myGovID set up.

    Media: How to create new authorisations using RAM Link (Duration: 08:40)

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    Authorisation Administrator or Authorised User

    You can appoint a business representative to be either an Authorisation Administrator or Authorised User. Both types of roles will enable the business representative to act on behalf of the business when using government online services. The main difference is that an Authorisation Administrator can also manage (create/view/edit/remove) authorisations.

    In addition, both Authorisation Administrators and Authorised Users can also become Machine Credential Administrators.

    Steps to create new authorisations

    Step 1

    Go to Relationship Authorisation ManagerExternal Link. Click on Login with myGovID.

    Step 2

    Enter the email address linked to your myGovID.

    A code will appear. Open myGovID on your smart device, log in and enter the 4 digit code into the pop-up within the app. Tap Accept.

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    Step 3

    Select Manage authorisations to be redirected to view all the entities you can act for.

    Step 4

    Select the business you would like to add an authorisation to.

    Step 5

    Click Add new user.

    Step 6

    Complete the business representative's details including their full name and email address. Click Continue.


    • The business representative's name must match the name linked to their myGovID.
    • The email address entered here does not have to match the email linked to their myGovID. For example, you can choose to use a business email address instead.

    Step 7

    Complete the authorisation details – select Yes or No if you want the user to become an Authorisation Administrator and/or a Machine Credential Administrator (MCA).

    The Authorisation Administrator role will allow the representative to manage (create/view/edit/remove) authorisations for the business. Selecting No to this will make the business representative an Authorised User.

    Then enter a start and end date for the authorisation. Click Continue.


    • The start date cannot be back dated or left blank.
    • The Machine Credential Administrator role will allow the representative to manage machine credentials for the business.

    Step 8

    Select the level of access for each agency. Click Continue.


    • You will only be able to select the level of access at an agency level, and not for each individual service provided by the agency.
    • Custom access is only available for ATO Online services. Selecting custom access will allow you to customise the access of the user in the final step before creating the authorisation.

    Note: Additional government agencies will use myGovID and RAM in the future.

    When a new government agency becomes available in RAM, existing users (including Authorisation Administrators) will have their access level for that agency set to ‘None’ by default.

    Step 9

    View the summary, review the details and select the checkbox to declare you understand and accept the declaration. Click Submit.

    Step 10

    An authorisation with a 6-digit code will be sent to the specified email address. The authorisation will remain pending until the user accepts the request using their authorisation code.


    • If Custom access is selected for the Australian Taxation Office, you will be redirected to Access Manager where you can customise the permissions of the user.
    • The business representative has seven days to accept their authorisation before the code expires. After seven days, the Principal Authority or an Authorisation Administrator will need to re-issue the authorisation request.

    Step 11

    You will be returned back to the Manage authorisations page.

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