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  • Install a machine credential – Authorised Administrator

    For desktop or locally hosted access software, you need follow these steps to install a machine credential.

    If you use cloud-based SBR enabled software, go to Authorised Administrator – ongoing management.

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    Before you start

    In order to install a machine credential from RAM you must be either a Principal Authority or a Machine Credential Administrator (MCA) for the entity.

    Before you create a machine credential you will need to download and install a browser extension compatible with your device’s operating system. These extensions are for Firefox and Chrome based web browsers on the following operating systems:

    Detailed instructions on installing the compatible browser extension can be found in Install a browser extension – Authorised Administrator.

    Steps to install a machine credential

    Using Chrome or Firefox, go to Relationship Authorisation ManagerExternal Link. Select the myGovID login button.

    Step 1 – log in to ram

    Screenshot showing the login screen of the Relationship authorisation manager website. A red box highlights the myGovID login button on the right hand side of the screen.

    Log in using your myGovID by entering the email address that you used to create your myGovID.

    A code will appear. Open myGovID on your smart device, log in and enter the 4 digit code into the pop-up within the app. Tap Accept.

    Step 2 – log in with myGovID code

    Screenshot showing an example 4 digit code generated by the myGovID website.

    Click Manage authorisations to be redirected to view all the entities you can act for.

    Step 3 – RAM home screen

    Screenshot showing the page where manage authorisations can be selected.

    Select the entity you would like to create a machine credential for.

    Step 4 – select your business

    Screen showing an example of where you can select the entities you can act on behalf of.

    The entity homepage will be displayed with a list of all the authorisations for the entity. Click on the Manage Credentials tab in the toolbar.

    Note: This tab only appears if you are a Principal Authority or Machine Credential Administrator.

    Step 5 – select Manage credentials

    Screen showing a list of all authorisations for the entity.

    The Manage credentials page is displayed.

    If you’ve already installed the required browser extension, skip this step.

    If this is the first time installing a machine credential, you will see a message advising that browser extension software is required. Refer to Installing a browser extension.

    Click the link to visit Machine credential downloads.

    Click the browser extension link for your operating system.

    Install and enable the browser extension.

    Close down your browser.

    Step 6 – Manage credentials browser extension

    Screen showing the warning message that software is required.

    Reopen your browser and go to Relationship Authorisation ManagerExternal Link and log in with your myGovID and navigate back to the Manage credentials page.

    Step 7 – create machine credential

    Screen showing the warning message that software is required.

    The Create machine credential page is displayed. Select Create machine credential and enter the following information:

    • Keystore path – this will be pre-filled but can be changed if required. This is where the machine credential will be created and stored.
    • Keystore password – enter a password.
    • Credential name – enter a name for the machine credential.
    • Identify the Machine Credential Custodian – this will be pre-filled with your name and cannot be changed.
    • Tick the box to confirm you understand and accept the machine credential details. Click Download.

    Step 8 – confirm and download

    Screen showing fields for the Keystore path, Keystore password and Credential name.

    The Credential Installed notification is displayed upon successful installation. Click Finish to return to the Manage credentials page.

    Step 9 – credential installed notification

    Screen showing the message that a machine credential has been installed successfully.

    The Manage credentials page allows you to create, view, and revoke machine credentials for the entity.

    Step 10 – Manage credentials page

    Screen of 'manage credentials' page showing the newly created machine credential.

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