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    List of AUSkey issues


    Action required

    Expired AUSkey


    If you are presented with any of the following scenarios:

    • a 'Credential required' error is appearing on the screen
    • the AUSkey does not appear when at log in screen
    • an expired AUSkey error message is appearing in your software



    You will need to register for a new AUSkey. Use the same details (given name, family name and email address) used for the expired AUSkey to retain the same access to online government services.


    1. Ask an AUSkey Administrator to visit
    2. Select Login (to AUSkey Manager)
    3. Select Register an AUSkey
    4. Enter your details (same given name, family name and email address as before)
    5. When you receive your Install AUSkey email, install the AUSkey on the same computer you normally use.


    If you are the only AUSkey Administrator for the business:

    1. Go to
    2. Select Register for an AUSkey
    3. Follow the instructions to Register for an Administrator AUSkey
    4. When you receive your Install AUSkey email, install the AUSkey on the same computer you normally use.


    Internet Explorer browser users may not be able to access AUSkey enabled online services









    Updated -18/03/2019

    Due to changes to Internet Explorer and Java occurring in April 2019, Internet Explorer users may not be able to access AUSkey enabled online services such as Portals and Online services for agents.


    Users may receive the following error messages when using Internet Explorer to login with your AUSkey;

    • AUSkey login screen displays a general 'System Error'
    • Your AUSkeys are not displayed, with 'myGov' option visible


    If you receive any of the above messages, try using an alternate browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Visit the Download software for AUSkeyExternal Link page for more information.


    If you use Practitioner Lodgment Service (PLS) enabled software via desktop you should not be affected but some cloud provider services may be impacted. If you experience any issues you will need to discuss your options with your software provider.

    Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10

    Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) launched from the ‘Metro’ (Start) screen in Windows 8 does not have any plug-in support.


    This means that the AUSkey Java plug-in will not run and causes the following issues:


    Failed to load Applet


    Browser not supported


    However, IE 10 works in Windows 8 via the Desktop mode

    Option 1 – Update to Windows 8.1


    Version 8.1 does not have this issue


    Option 2 – Launch IE10 from Desktop mode

    • select the Desktop icon from the 'Metro' Start screen
    • launch IE10
    • perform the AUSkey function required (for example, install the AUSkey, log in etc).


    Option 3 – use another browser such as Chrome

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    Single Touch Payroll

    List of single touch payroll issues


    Action required

    Single Touch Payroll (STP) troubleshooting for employers and intermediaries


    Updated - 15/08/18

    STP troubleshooting

    Lodgment of duplicate amounts in Single Touch Payroll (STP) and PSAR (Payment Summary Annual Report) are creating duplicates. This may impact employee's pre-fill



    Updated – 16/07/18

    If you finalise your employees via STP do not send a PSAR or file generated from your software with the same information.

    Only additional disclosures that are not captured in STP, should be reported via PSAR or file generated from your software.

    Lodgment of duplicate amounts may impact the employee's pre-fill.

    Authorisation to lodge Single Touch Payroll Reports at 'Add' and 'Authorisation' screens



    Updated – 27/07/2018

    If you provide payroll services only, you will need to ensure you are authorised to act for your client before you can lodge Single Touch Payroll reports.

    Contact ATO on 13 72 86 FKC 1 3 1 1 to enable your authority.

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    Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP) online application system

    List of DASP issues


    Action required

    Unable to confirm identity

    When entering the DASP Online system you must enter the clients current passport number however if your client has used the DASP Online system previously you need to ensure you use the same passport number that was used in the original application.


    Ensure your client gives you details of their current passport number in addition to any old passport numbers that may have been used previously to access DASP.

    Unable to claim unclaimed super money on behalf of a client

    When accessing DASP Online on behalf of a client, a search for unclaimed super money (USM) will only be conducted where the client's temporary visa has been cancelled and the client is no longer in Australia. Intermediaries are unable to claim USM via DASP Online if these conditions are not currently true.


    Individual client can access DASP Online or Tax Agent can lodge a paper claim form.

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    Electronic commerce interface (ECI)

    List of ECI issues


    Action required

    Users are unable to lodge using ECI

    In order for ECI to work through your firewall try the following:

    • ensure your firewall traffic allows the address Link
    • check your firewall allows the transmission of zip files to and from the URL address Link and that your firewall does not strip headers from the packets that are transmitted from this address
    • access Program control feature within your firewall and ensure that Sun Microsystems Java is given full access to the internet and not set to block.


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    List of other issues


    Action required

    Email not delivered -Microsoft Office 365 user

    In some limited instances you may have an issue with new Microsoft Office 365 installations where some emails sent to an official and current ATO email address may not have been delivered. The problem could be related to the configuration of the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM) services.


    If you suspect this problem is impacting emails sent from your practice, it will require a correction to your Office 365 configuration (unfortunately there is nothing the ATO can do to fix this). Consult your software service provider or contact your software vendor for more information and guidance.

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