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  • Troubleshooting - Online services for agents

    Troubleshooting for businesses and tax practitioners – return to the troubleshooting main menu.

    Refer to the Online services for agents user guide for more information on Online services for agents.

    Online services for agents

    List of system issues


    Action required

    Error message displaying when removing a restricted client




    Updated – 1/04/19

    Users will experience an error when attempting to remove a client that has been classified as restricted in Access Manager. To ensure that you do not receive an error;

    • Remove the client in Tax Agent Portal, or
    • Users with Access Manager administration access will need to remove the restriction of the user in Access Manager prior to removing the client in Online services for agents

    Error message displayed after selecting ‘Submit’ when removing a client using a unique identifier


    ‘You have errors in the following fields:

    • Search clients
    • Select a client


    Updated – 07/02/19

    To resolve:

    • With your cursor in the search field press 'enter', or
    • click the search icon to the right hand side of the identifier entered
    • this will display the Client’s information to proceed with removing the client.

    Internet Explorer browser users may not be able to access AUSkey enabled online services.


















    Updated – 18/03/2019

    Due to changes to Internet Explorer and Java occurring in April 2019, Internet Explorer users may not be able to access AUSkey enabled online services such as Portals and Online services for agents.


    Users may receive the following error messages when using Internet Explorer to login with your AUSkey:


    • AUSkey login screen displays a general 'System Error'.
    • Your AUSkeys are not displayed, with 'myGov' option visible.


    If you receive any of the above messages, try using an alternate browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Visit the Download software for AUSkeyExternal Link page for more information.


    If you use Practitioner Lodgment Service (PLS) enabled software via desktop you should not be affected but some cloud provider services may be impacted.  If you experience any issues you will need to discuss your options with your software provider.

    ‘Enter letters only’ error when attempting to enter a country into the other field when updating addresses







    Updated – 18/03/2019

    Users may experience an error when attempting to update addresses. If you select ‘other’ in the Country* field you will be asked to input a country in the ‘If other, specify here*’ field.

    An issue exists with validating the value input in this field which will return an error. If you receive the error:

    • Return to the ‘Country*’ field and select the relevant country, or
    • If the country is not in the list, call 13 72 86 FKC 3 3


    Employee Share Scheme (ESS) form






    Updated – 15/03/2019

    This is a known issue and temporarily unavailable through Online services.


    Please lodge the form through the Tax Agent portal until the issue has been rectified.


    We will provide an update once more information is known.

    'Agent type' field in My details screen does not display correct agent classification





    Updated – 15/03/2019

    When viewing My details; agent type field will display as 'Tax Agent' for all classifications of agent.


    This does not affect your accesses and registrations.


    This is a known issue that is currently under investigation.

    Predictive search is only displaying 10 matches when more than 10 are expected





    Updated – 07/02/19

    Predictive search only returns 10 matches in the dropdown box. To view the full list of results:

    • With the cursor in the search box, press 'enter', or
    • click the search icon to the right hand side of the quick search field
    • this will navigate you to the Advanced search screen to display the full list of the predictive search results.


    Authorisation issues - client account


    Do not have authorisation to act on behalf of a client for all relevant accounts



    Updated – 07/02/19

    To update the client accounts that you are currently authorised for, go to:

    • the Client’s Client summary page
    • select 'Profile' then 'Maintain authorisations'
    • select appropriate account.


    Authorisation issues - Income tax account


    1. Using an ABN as the unique client identifier, can only access specific accounts, not including the income tax accounts
    2. Receive error message 'This client is already in your client list' when attempting to add the client again using the TFN
    3. How do I add the client for income tax?



    Updated – 07/02/19


    To update the accounts that you are currently authorised for, go to:

    • the Client’s Client summary page
    • select 'Profile' then 'Maintain authorisations'
    • select Income tax.


    This will allow you to view and act on behalf of your client for all accounts.

    Note: Tax agents who are authorised to act on behalf of the client for all accounts must use the TFN as an identifier when adding the client in Online services for agents.

    No response when selecting ‘Print friendly version’ on some pages.




    Updated – 07/02/19

    This issue may be related to your browser, browser settings or add-ons.


    Try using an alternative browser such as Chrome or Firefox.


    Turn off or disable browser ad blockers or add-ons that may be blocking this function.

    Associates of self-managed superfunds (SMSF) are not listed under 'Associates'


    Updated – 07/02/19

    The Associates for SMSF are not currently displayed in Online services for Agents.


    Refer to the Australian Business Register for full Associate details.

    AUSKey via USB stick Error message:

    'You don’t have the required AUSkey software downloaded'








    Updated – 31/01/19

    If you receive this error:

    • Clear the cacheExternal Link of the browser on the AUSkey USB stick. Complete this step first and close browser.
    • Copy the Online services for agents URL/hyperlink.
    • Open the Firefox browser on the AUSkey USB (not the desktop).
    • Paste the URL/hyperlink into address field of the browser and press Enter.
    • Select Online services from the login page (add to favourites or set as the default homepage for USB Firefox Browser).
    • Authenticate AUSkey as per usual.


    'Software download required' message received when using Internet Explorer







    Updated – 31/01/19

    To rectify this, on an Internet Explorer browser page:

    • Select 'Tools' (Cog icon, top right).
    • Select 'Internet options'.
    • Click on 'Settings' (under Browsing history).
    • In the 'Temporary Internet Files' tab, under 'Check for newer versions of stored pages', select; 'Every time I visit the webpage' and then press OK.
    • Close out of 'Tools' window.
    • Clear the cacheExternal Link.


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