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  • Troubleshooting - Practitioner lodgment service (PLS) and Standard Business Reporting (SBR)

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    If you cannot find a reference for the issue you are experiencing Contact us.

    Refer to the PLS user guide for more information on PLS.

    Practitioner lodgment service (PLS) and Standard Business Reporting (SBR)

    List of PLS/SBR issues


    Action required

    Unable to lodge company tax return due to incorrect duplication error







    Updated – 16/10/2018

    This is a known issue and is under investigation.


    Some users may receive an incorrect duplication error when lodging company returns using Practitioner Lodgment Service (PLS). This is occurring in limited circumstances.


    We have found in many cases removing the ABN from the return you are trying to lodge will resolve this error.

    CMN.ATO.AS.EM005 - .is a mandatory field


    When attempting to lodge activity statement, ‘CMN.ATO.AS.EM005 - .is a mandatory field’ error is returned that does not specify which field is mandatory


    Updated - 15/08/18

    ‘Does G1 include GST’ Y/N indicator at field G1 is mandatory if entry exists at G1


    Update Y/N indicator and re-submit

    Portal and PLS/SBR Pre-fill

    The 2017/18 Net Farm Management Deposits or Repayments pre-fill data is displaying without a pre-fill date in 'Available for pre-filling'


    Updated - 01/08/18

    This is a known issue currently under investigation.

    The “Available for Pre-filling” date will display in the relevant header, which is indicative of the data currency.

    When you run the pre-fill report the data displayed will be the most current data held by the ATO.

    2018 Individual income tax return (IITR)




    This error may appear for the following scenarios:


    There is an anomaly with the Medicare levy surcharge, or


    A general fault has been detected within ATO systems

















    Updated - 10/07/18

    Medicare levy surcharge anomaly


    To confirm if this is the cause of the error message, you will need to;

    • check the number of days your client was not liable for surcharge or their spouse income details, as required.
    • Then, attempt to lodge the return again.


    A fix is being developed to return the correct error message for all scenarios that occur with this error as soon as possible.


    Once the issue is resolved we will update this message and advise Digital Service Providers (providers of your practice management software).



    Please contact the ATO on 13 72 86 FKC 312 for further support.


    A general fault


    This fault was likely caused by a transitory degradation in system performance. We suggest you wait a while before attempting the transaction again.


    However, if you encounter the same error, please contact the ATO on 13 72 86 FKC 312 for further support.

    Undefined exception or transaction error


    Practitioner lodgment service (SBR enabled) software that also provides ELS services may return non-descript errors if user ELS profile information is not recorded in software product.

    Add your ELS profile information to your software product.


    Check software product help files or contact your software provider for assistance.

    ELS and Windows 8 and 10 connectivity issue


    Practitioner lodgment service (SBR enabled) software that also provides ELS service may be impacted by older versions of CISCO VPN Client.

    Cisco VPN Client is not supported for Windows 10 and is best effort support for Windows 8.


    Contact your PLS/SBR/ELS software provider for advice on updates and patching.

    Non-individual Income Tax Return (ITR) produces error: “GENERALERRORINCORE" and/or "CMN.ATO.GEN.200001"

    Determine if the ABN being used has a status of Cancelled. If:

    • yes – remove the ABN and resubmit the ITR.
    • no – contact your software developer.



    You do not have the correct permission to submit this request or retrieve this file.

    Desktop software users:

    • review your permissions in Access manager or contact your AUSkey Administrator.
    • contact your AUSkey administrator to authorise your AUSkey for the relevant registered agent number.

    Desktop and Cloud software users:

    • check that the client ABN has not been cancelled. If cancelled:                                                          
      • remove the ABN from the form for lodgment and resubmit, OR
      • remove the ABN from your practice management software and the form for lodgment and resubmit.
    • Check that the client identifiers in your practice management software are correct:                                                          
      • is the ABN correct for the TFN?
      • is the TFN correct for the client name?
      • is the ABN correct for the client name?

    If necessary set up your permissions in Access manager.


    If you have confirmed your Access Manager settings are correct but the error persists, phone us on 13 72 86 FKC 3 1 2

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