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  • When you can't log in to your myGov account

    If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by selecting the link Forgot your passwordExternal Link when signing in to myGov.

    If you can't sign in because you don’t have access to your myGov security codes, you will need to create a new myGov account and link to the ATO again.

    This can happen if you:

    • change your phone number
    • went overseas and no longer have access to your Australian mobile number
    • delete the myGov Code Generator app.

    On this page

    Creating a new myGov account

    When you create a new myGov accountExternal Link and link to the ATO again, your ATO record will be the same.

    You can use a different email address when creating your new account.

    Alternatively, you can use the same email address, but it needs to be released. To ask for this, phone the myGov helpdesk:

    • If you're in Australia, phone 13 23 07 and select option 1
    • if you're calling from outside Australia, phone +61 1300 169 468.

    Avoid losing access again

    We recommend you use the myGovID appExternal Link or myGov Code Generator appExternal Link if you:

    • don't have an Australian mobile number
    • are going overseas and won't have access to your Australian mobile number
    • have limited mobile reception.

    To help you maintain access to your myGov account, you can also enable a back-up sign in option in your myGov Account settings.

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