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  • Rental property video series

    If you own a rental property, or are thinking of buying one, this series of short videos will help you understand your record-keeping and tax obligations.

    You’ll learn from Michael, Phil and Sara as they take you through some of the tax issues they came across when buying, owning, and selling their rental property.

    Please note: due to the change in law affecting travel and depreciation deductions, we are in the process of updating our videos. Check back regularly to discover our new video series.

    Income from renting your property

    This video identifies what you must include in your tax return as income from your rental property.


    Duration 1m33s. A transcript of Income from renting your property is also available.

    Deductions for mortgage and interest expenses

    This video focuses on deductions available for:

    • setting up a mortgage
    • what you can and can’t claim for interest.

    Duration 3m5s. A transcript of Claiming mortgage and interest expenses for your rental property is also available.

    Deductions for repairs and maintenance

    This video explains what are repairs and maintenance, and whether you can claim a deduction for them.


    Duration 2m26s. A transcript of Claiming repairs and maintenance for your rental property is also available.

    Selling your rental property that was also your home

    This video explains the special capital gains tax rules that apply when you sell your property that was used both for renting and also as your home.


    Duration 3m18s. A transcript of Selling a rental property that was your home is also available.

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