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  • What you can do

    Most Australians are honest and compete fairly. They also believe it’s unfair for others to gain a competitive advantage by intentionally doing the wrong thing.

    The everyday choices and actions of all Australians make a dramatic difference to the growth and resilience of the shadow economy. The following behaviours fuel the shadow economy:

    • asking for or accepting a cash discount
    • not getting or providing receipts for services
    • incorrectly claiming deductions
    • not keeping proper tax records.

    The community can have confidence that we will actively deal with those intentionally doing the wrong thing.

    If you suspect tax evasion or shadow economy behaviour, we encourage you to report it by calling 1800 060 062 or online at Reporting is strictly confidential and can be anonymous.

    Remember, it’s everyone's responsibility to keep the system fair.

    Last modified: 27 Mar 2019QC 58367