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  • Taxpayer alerts

    A taxpayer alert is an early warning to you and your adviser. You can check our taxpayer alerts to see if the arrangement you are considering, or one with similar characteristics, is listed as having potential negative tax consequences. We issue an alert when we:

    • have concerns that a particular arrangement is high-risk - to the taxpayer and the tax or super system – meaning that we may disallow the tax benefits you may claim
    • are in the process of assessing whether an arrangement is risky.

    Each taxpayer alert provides the name of the arrangement and a brief description, highlighting the features we have concerns about.

    Check our taxpayer alerts to see if we have issued an alert about the arrangement you are considering, or one with similar characteristics.

    A taxpayer alert means we are concerned that the arrangement may breach tax or super laws. If this is the case, the consequences for you could include:

    • having your tax deductions disallowed
    • having your taxable income increased (meaning a higher tax assessment)
    • having your tax credits refused
    • being charged interest on outstanding tax
    • having penalties imposed
    • in serious cases, being prosecuted and exposed to criminal liability.

    If you are thinking about participating in a scheme we have issued a taxpayer alert about, make sure you get qualified, independent advice before you go ahead.

    While the existence a taxpayer alert means that we have concerns about an arrangement, the absence of a taxpayer alert does not guarantee an arrangement is legitimate. To be sure of the tax consequences of an arrangement you are contemplating, you may apply for a private ruling.

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