• Project Wickenby results at a glance

    The results don’t lie: Project Wickenby recouped some significant revenue and stopped some serious crooks in their tracks.

    As of 31 May 2015:

    • Tax liabilities raised – $2.285bn
    • Audits and reviews completed – 4,503
    • Number of people charged with serious offences – 76
    • Number of people convicted and sentenced for serious offences – 46
    • Total recouped – a total of $946.53 million in outstanding revenue recouped. This includes $571.18 million in cash collections, $372.60 million made from increased voluntary compliance following intervention by the Project Wickenby taskforce, and $2.75 million in assets recovered under Commonwealth Proceeds of Crime provisions.
      Last modified: 03 Jul 2015QC 46102