How to report a tax crime

Help the ATO ensure everyone pays their fair share of tax. Report information on tax crime to the Tax Evasion Referral Centre on 1800 060 062.

For information on how to report tax crime online, by mail or fax or for answers to frequently asked questions, contact us.

Making a voluntary disclosure

The ATO encourages taxpayers who have made a mistake in relation to their tax affairs to make a voluntary disclosure. This can lead to reductions in shortfall penalties and interest, particularly if the voluntary disclosure is made before the notification of an audit.

Voluntary disclosures can be made in writing, electronically, by phone, or via other methods available in specific circumstances.

Full details about how to make a voluntary disclosure can be found at

Offshore Voluntary Disclosures

Taxpayers with undisclosed income from offshore activities can contact the ATO to make a voluntary disclosure.


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