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  • Tax crime investigation results - January to June 2017

    Tax crime investigations - January to June 2017




    Three years jail

    Chuensukjit, from New South Wales (NSW), acted as a third-party lodger and lodged 217 income tax returns for the 2010 income year, with three separate tax agents. The returns contained false information and Chuensukjit was convicted on three charges. A reparation order of $652,862 was made by the courts.


    18 months jail

    Arcuri, a tax agent from NSW, lodged his 2011 tax return and an amendment, which contained false information. He was convicted on two charges and sentenced to 18 months in jail.


    Seven months periodic detention

    Etmekdjain, a tax agent from South Australia, submitted to the ATO three forms with the intention of dishonestly influencing a Commonwealth public official.


    Five years jail

    A woman from NSW, while receiving Centrelink benefits over a four and a half year period, lodged 140 false business activity statements on behalf of eight related entities, claiming GST refunds for purported business expenditure of $9 million. A reparation order of $394,550 has been made by the courts.


    18 months suspended sentence

    Lanzi, from Queensland, was convicted of three offences for submitting business activity statements when no refunds were due and providing false documents at audit.


    Two years suspended jail

    Adams, a tax agent from Melbourne, was convicted of three charges and sentenced to two years jail (suspended) for lodging false tax returns on behalf of his clients.


    Four acres of tobacco crop destroyed

    Victorian police, together with ATO investigators, executed a warrant over a property near Bacchus Marsh, where a crop of tobacco of approximately four acres was seized and destroyed. The estimated excise value was $1.5 million.


    93,000 tobacco plants destroyed

    Investigators, together with NSW police, executed a warrant at a property in Cooma, destroying a tobacco crop of approximately 93,000 plants (1.2 tonnes of plant matter), with an estimated excise value of $11.8 million.


    Warrant executed and equipment seized

    A warrant was executed over a property in Cobram, Victoria, where a large amount of equipment and flavours were seized in relation to the manufacturing of alcohol.


    Tobacco seedlings destroyed

    In April 2017, a warrant was executed over a property in Rosewhite, Victoria, where tobacco plants were found growing in hothouses. Approximately 9,660 seedlings were destroyed, with an estimated excise value of $745,000.


    12 acres of tobacco crop destroyed

    An anonymous tip-off to Victorian police saw a warrant executed at a property in Euroa, where approximately 12 acres of tobacco crop was destroyed. The estimated excise value was $4.6 million.


    Illicit tobacco seized and destroyed

    Approximately 5,400 kilograms of tobacco leaf and 12 acres of tobacco were destroyed when a warrant was executed over a property in Cobram, Victoria, in April 2017. Equipment related to the manufacture was also seized. The estimated excise value was almost $9.0 million.


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