• Your role in the fight

    Tax crime threatens the revenue our governments use to provide services to the community, and disadvantages Australians who do the right thing.

    You can help protect Australia from tax crime and keep the system fair for everyone.

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    Report tax evasion

    Help us ensure everyone pays their fair share of tax. If you think a person or a business is not playing fair, you can confidentially report suspected tax evasion to the Tax Evasion Reporting Centre onlineExternal Link anytime or by calling 1800 060 062. If you are a tax practitioner use Fast Key Code 3 4.

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    Report a tax scheme or promoter

    Schemes designed to minimise tax attract our scrutiny to determine whether or not they are within the law.

    Early detection and swift action are crucial to maintaining the integrity of the tax system and helping unwary taxpayers steer clear of tax avoidance schemes. You can assist by letting us know if you come across an arrangement that sounds like a tax avoidance scheme.

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    Protect your information and your identity

    We take the security and privacy of your personal and tax information very seriously, using systems and controls to ensure your information and transactions with us are safeguarded. As a taxpayer, you can also play a big part in protecting your information and making sure it is safe online.

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    If your identity has been compromised

    Our Client Identity Support Centre helps taxpayers who have had their identities stolen or misused. We'll give you information, advice and help to re-establish your identity if it has been compromised, stolen, misused or lost.

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    Make a voluntary disclosure

    We encourage taxpayers who make mistakes in their tax affairs, are unsure of their obligations or are involved in illegal offshore structures, to come forward sooner rather than later. Making a voluntary disclosure can lead to reductions in shortfall penalties and interest, particularly if it is made before the notification of an audit.

    Voluntary disclosures can be made in writing, electronically, by phone, or other methods depending on specific circumstances.

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    Stay informed

    Tax crime undermines the ability of government to provide services and maintain our Australian lifestyle. You can help protect yourself and you can help us protect the system by staying informed about tax crime and its consequences for the tax system, the perpetrators and the community.

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