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  • Consultation groups

    Our consultation arrangements are organised into stewardship groups, stakeholder relationship groups and special purpose working groups.

    The whole framework is overseen by the Consultation Steering Group.

    The Consultation Steering Group ensures significant tax and super matters for consultation are on track and that consultation is involving the right people.

    Stewardship groups equally share responsibility for aspects of the tax and super systems. Their diverse membership ensures access to as many views and inputs as possible

    Stakeholder relationship groups develop and maintain ongoing relationships with business and industry representative and key intermediaries and use their specialist knowledge and experience to help build a clearer and mutual understanding of the tax and super system systems.

    Special purpose working groups are established to consult on a specific matter which is expected to take some time and dissolve when the consultation has been completed.

    For each of these groups you can find information about their purpose, contact details and membership as well as the minutes of meetings.

    Consultation groups that have closed within the past three years are also listed along with the minutes of their last meeting.

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