• 1.1 Avoiding a tax or super dispute

    In some circumstances, we may be able to avoid or minimise a dispute. For example, if you have doubts about your tax affairs you can discuss the issues with us or request a private ruling which may resolve this. During an audit or review, we may talk to you about matters that concern us. We will explain our concerns and give you the opportunity to consider making a voluntary disclosure, if that is appropriate.

    If you want to correct a mistake we have guidance material available that will help you.

    If you don't understand, or are concerned about something, you should contact us. We provide a phone number on our correspondence. You may need to provide further documents or information to us to explain your point of view.

    If we ask you for information, you should respond promptly, fully and accurately.

    In complex matters, it can help to provide us with your view on how the relevant laws apply to you.

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