• Travel to obtain medical treatment

    Legislative reference: section 58LExternal Link of the FBTAA.

    Benefits that meet the costs of travel from a workplace located in a foreign country in order to obtain medical treatment are exempt benefits.

    The exemption applies where the travel is undertaken solely because the employee (or a family member living with the employee) requires medical treatment. It also applies to travel of a person who is required to accompany the patient as an escort for medical reasons, who accompanies a patient who is under 18, or who, as a family member, visits or accompanies the patient.

    A condition of exemption is that the place of treatment is the place nearest the work locality where suitable medical treatment could be provided, or the place where suitable treatment could be obtained at least cost.

    Accommodation and meals are also exempt if provided en route or during any period in which the person travelling must stay at the place of treatment for reasons related to the medical treatment. However, hospital accommodation and meals provided to the patient are not exempt.

      Last modified: 08 Jan 2014QC 17820