• Compensable work-related trauma

    Legislative reference: section 58JExternal Link of the FBTAA.

    Benefits provided for work-related injury are exempt benefits.

    To qualify for exemption, such benefits (for example, the payment of hospital or medical costs or associated ambulance, travel and accommodation costs) must be provided for 'compensable work-related trauma' suffered by an employee.

    Compensable work-related trauma is an injury or disease related to employment, for which the employee is entitled to receive compensation under a workers' compensation law. If the employee's employment is not covered by a workers' compensation law, an ailment will qualify if it would have been compensable if such a law had applied – for example, where public sector employers don't pay workers' compensation insurance but directly compensate the employee.

    Benefits constituted by the insurance cover provided under a workers' compensation insurance policy are also exempt benefits.

      Last modified: 08 Jan 2014QC 17820